Wound Care

At Wound and Stoma Care, we believe our patients need more than just ministrations for their wounds and adhesions. We believe you will benefit from our compassionate, friendly and supportive environment, an ethos we pride ourselves on. Our wound care clinic not only treats and administers assistance to your wound and stoma, we encourage you to learn about your wound, the process and treatment we administer. We believe you will benefit from learning and taking an active role in your wound care. Giving you, our patient, personalized attention and teaching you about your wound care, promotes extended healing and vastly reduces the possibility of infection, re-injury and hospital re-admissions. From leg ulcers, diabetic wounds, acute burn wounds, pressure ulcers, post operation sepsis, spider bites, bed sores, pressure sores and iatrogenic wounds, we at Wound and Stoma Care are committed to give you specialized and effective treatment at BHF tariffs. The Wound and Stoma Care team works together with your medical aid to provide quality and cost effective health care.  Our wound care products and dressings are of excellent quality.


Sometimes surgeons creates an opening in your abdomen which allows bodily waste or urine to leave your body. This is called an ostomy, or stoma and it takes time for you to become comfortable as possible with it. It is, at times, uncomfortable through your recovery process as the stoma becomes a hindrance: how soon can you go back to work? Will you be able to ride your bicycle? Are you allowed to drive? Will everyone be able to see that you have had a surgical procedure just by looking at you? A stoma can irritate your skin from time to time, which is where we at Wound and Stoma Care are able to assist; irritated, itchy skin is not normal and we can help you. We will assist in stoma bag care, ensuring the pouch is comfortable and worry-free. Care of your stoma or stoma bag  is our forte. Our clinic will teach you to protect and care for your stoma and give you stoma care guidelines, to prevent infection and irritation.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are special medical stockings, used only for medical purposes. If your legs are sore, tired, discolouring dark blue or black or if they are swelling you may be suffering from a case of varicose veins, or poor circulation. It could also be caused by post-surgical recovery or a more severe medical condition like deep vein thrombosis or embolism (lodging of a blockage within the blood stream). Whatever the case, managing the correct circulation of your legs goes a long way to recovery and comfort. Our compression stockings are excellent in this manner, with elasticity lasting up to six months. The stockings are medically proved to graduate compression on your leg, which aids proper circulation from the ankle in an upward direction. There is no need to be embarrassed about wearing the stockings, either – we offer smart styling combined with practical function, which can be worn anywhere from the hospital to everyday life. Skilled practitioners will take your measurements and ensure your stocking fits as best as possible. Compression socks also fill the same function, which we offer.

Waterproofing Protector

The waterproof protector is a comfortable, easy- to- use, reusable product. It is a self- sealing, self- supporting product that prevents the penetration of water to plaster casts and bandages on arms or legs during bathing. It is simple and comfortable to use and will last through the average users duration of treatment.
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