Welcome to Wound and Stoma Care

Your skin is a barrier, your body’s armour from the outside world, protecting this precious organ against infection, harmful radiation and extreme temperature. When your skin is damaged, a wound arises – be it an abrasion, laceration, rupture, penetration or rupture.
The wound is either superficial; where basic first aid could treat it and some are deeper, requiring expert medical attention and treatment.

This is where Wound and Stoma Care is more than able to assist you. We are a state-of-the-art clinic that specifically assists patients with wounds and stomas that are difficult to treat. We make use of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced wound care treatment methods. We work with the treatment of an array of wounds – no matter the severity.

Leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, burn wounds, diabetic wounds and post-operative wounds. To successfully treat a wound, particularly those which may be medically difficult to treat, requires assessment of the patient as a whole – not just the wound. This is where we are most proficient; providing warm, nurturing care for you while we tend to your wound.
We are pedantic in our treatment of your wound or stoma, ensuring you recover from the procedure with as little pain as possible. We maintain a caring, well thought-out relationship with you through your restorative process.

We will assess your wound individualistically and prescribe the best course of treatment. Wound care is of the utmost importance, as negligence could cause a reel of health problems, which we could prevent.
Allowing a wound or stoma to fester without treatment could give rise to infection, or loss of function of bone, tendons, arteries, muscles or nerves.

Our medical care prevents these complications and preserves your bodily function, with dignity. From cleansing to dressing, our services range from basic care to complete wound and stoma treatment, easing the pressure off you.